Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you ready for a little Bonus in your life? Everyone could use a little Bonus, especially during this recession were all going through! If you're still interested read on..

We've all heard or seen these Free stuff websites, blogs, video's, advertisements, and commercials and what do we think every time we see them? Oh this is a scam, this wouldn't work, you can't just get stuff for free!

Honestly, I thought the exact same thing as you! But after a friend told me how it worked I tried it out and the next thing you know I had made alot of money and have gotten many many electronics such as a PS3, ipod Touch, and many video games.

CNN News Video Proof of another Freebie Company

Which brings me to this blog..I am writing this to help out other users that want free stuff and extra cash! My friend explained to me that these Freebie sites would make money by us (me and you) completing advertiser's offers..If you're confused I'll explain, Say I go to complete my offer and that offer is a Netflix movie subscription I enter all of my address, give them my debit number and begin receiving my movies! By me signing up for this Netflix offer; Netflix pays the freebie company a sum of money then the freebie company pays us a sum of that in money or freebie gifts such as that PS3, ipod Touch, or the video games!

These freebies are simple and are an effective way to make money!


To begin sign up using this link below or scroll up and look towards the right and sign up for another freebie if you don't want a TV right now..

Next you will enter in all of your information (address, phone number, email)
This is so they know where to ship your gift! Must be legit information also.

Now it is time to complete offers..

Either complete one 100% offer or two 50% offers (YOU MUST COMPLETE OFFERS TO GET A GIFT) to find the offer section just look towards the top right of the website where it says offers and begin completing your offer/offers.

  1. Make sure you choose an offer you have never done before.
  2. Use Internet Explorer for any offer sign ups.
  3. Clear your cookies before doing the offer.
  4. Make sure you do the offer by clicking from the Freebie Site.
  5. Save any confirmation emails you receive from the Offer Company.
After you've completed your offers you will then need to refer friends to complete an offer using your referral link. You can find your referral link by looking at the top right of the page and clicking the Status button. Your referral link will then be on the bottom left of the page.

After you've referred enough users and completed your offers you will then submit your account for approval which takes 48 hours. Finally you will have received your money or gift! Whichever you choose!!

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate and leave a comment!